About Wave Logic
Wave Logic specializes in RFID solutions for production automation, biomedical
process control and OEM authentication applications.  Wave Logic has the knowledge,
experience and integrity to provide the best and most cost effective RFID solution to our
customers whether their application can be solved with standardized off-the-shelf
products or requires a custom designed solution.  We have experience designing OEM
readers, antennas and tags to meet the most stringent requirements and our own line
of RFID products offer exceptional value and performance.  Because we are a sales
driven engineering company, we are versatile and responsive to our customer’s needs.

Specializing in near field identification solutions within the HF (High Frequency)
spectrum, Wave Logic develops solutions for biomedical, pharmaceutical, and
electronic manufacturing companies and our staff has over 20 years of engineering
experience designing solutions for hundreds of RFID applications for industry.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been used in industrial automation
and rail car tracking for over three decades and today, as a result of miniaturization and
cost reduction, has a proven track record of producing a positive ROI when utilized in
automation and quality control processes within all market segments.  Wave Logic
engineers and management have extensive backgrounds in bringing RFID products
and solutions to fruition.

Our Customers rely upon Wave Logic to design, develop and produce RFID
readers, antennas and tags to meet their specific application requirements when other
suppliers have been unsuccessful.  Our loyal client base includes: Millipore, G.E.
Healthcare, Datalogic, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), Solyndra, Tech Logic,
Asymtek, just to name a few.  

Customer Satisfaction is our goal and we pride ourselves in exceeding our
customer's expectations.   We welcome the opportunity to discuss your RFID
application and help you achieve RFID success today!