Datalogic Escort Memory Systems (EMS) Legacy Product Repairs
Wave Logic offers repair services for Datalogic's legacy product line of Escort Memory
Systems products that have been discontinued by the original manufacturer.  Wave Logic
is the authorized repair center for most of these products and provided this service
through Datalogic since 2007 until June 2012.  Wave Logic now offers this repair service
direct to the customer.   Wave Logic manufactured most of these products for Datalogic
since 2008 until they were discontinued by Datalogic.  We use the same production,  test
and repair process and procedures used by EMS.  

What products does Wave Logic repair?  Wave Logic repairs most of the
products in the HMS, LRP, RS, and CM product lines and some HF/HS/HL products.
However, some of these products are potted and are not repairable.  Refer to the REPAIR
PRICE LIST link below for a listing of products that Wave Logic currently offers repair
services for.  If your product is not on the list, we probably do not repair it, but feel free to
ask us to be certain.  

How do I request  repair service?  To request repair service, click on the RMA
Request button below and complete the RMA (Return Material Authorization) request
form.  After completing the form click the Submit button.  Wave Logic will enter the
infomation into our RMA database and send an RMA Confirmation with shipping
instructions to the email address provided on the form.

After the  RMA unit(s) arrive at our facility we will evaluate, repair, test  and run operational
in "burn-in" for at least 24hrs.  After successful completion of repairs and the unit(s) pass
all tests we will generate and send an invoice from our secure PayPal site.  A repair report
for each unit will be provided with the shipment or can be emailed separately on request.   
If during the initial evaluation a unit demonstrates no failure symptoms (No Problem
Found) we will only invoice $90 for the evaluation fee.  Please refer to the Repair Price List
linked below.  Shipping charges can be billed to your carrier account or we can use our
carrier account and add the charges to your invoice.  

How long do the repairs take?  Our standard lead-time is 3-4 weeks from receipt
of the RMA unit(s).  Lead-time is based on the number units in the repair queue.  Wave
Logic offers a 1-week expedited service for an additional $80 per unit.

What if my product is not repairable?  If Wave Logic is not able to repair the
product we will notify you and you will have the option of having it returned to you or
discarded by us.  In most cases we are able to repair the products listed on our price list
but occasionally there are exceptions due to physical damage or an obsolete component
that is unobtainable.  No charges will be incurred if we can not repair the unit.  

What are Wave Logic's credit terms?  Wave Logic does not offer credit terms for
repair invoices.   Wave Logic accepts payments from  most major credit cards and PayPal.
Payments may also be made by check, ACH or bank wire transfer.    

Is a purchase order required?   Wave Logic does not require purchase orders for
repairs but you may provide us your PO or work order number for reference on the RMA
form, invoices, packing list and repair report.

What are the shipping charges?  Shipping charges vary greatly depending on the
product(s), the destination, and the shipping method.  Wave Logic does not pay the
shipping cost to or from our customers.  Return shipping charges can be added to the
repair fee or  billed to the customer's carrier account.   UPS is our primary shipping
service, but we can also ship DHL or FedEx using the customer's carrier account.  

NOTE: for international shipments all customs fees, duties, VAT as applicable are paid
by the customer.   2010 Incoterms: Ex Work (EXW)

Warranty Wave Logic provides a 90-day warranty on all repairs.  
Questions?  Send us an email:
or call 831 515 5699 ext. 63 between 9am - 5pm Pacific.